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I am an avid bodybuilder and I had heard that HGH products can help you improve lean body mass while decreasing fat. I decided to sign up for the Sytropin Free Trial and after my first month was up I decided to continue using the product. After 4 months I had gotten bigger than I had ever thought possible and the only thing I can account for this is using Sytropin!

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Human growth hormone (HGH) is so important for all aspects of human physiology throughout a person's lifetime, that derangements in its blood levels can be medically significant. Individuals who have insufficient levels of HGH throughout childhood and adolescence develop congenital dwarfism, which as the name implies, causes extremely short stature. Others who have extremely excessive levels of HGH first grow tall, yet then begin to have a coarsening of the facial features, hands and feet, as well as structural changes to the joints and other tissues, leading to a (typically acquired) disease known as acromegaly, which affects nearly all organ systems. The importance of having the optimal levels of HGH in the maintenance of normal physiology is highlighted by its regulation of lean and fat tissue mass, bone growth and mineral density, as well as its effects on the metabolism of glucose, protein, lipids, and cholesterol.

For reasons which are incompletely understood, levels of growth hormone vary both in a circadian cycle throughout the day, and also over a person's lifetime. Levels spike during adolescence, then gradually decline to nearly undetectable levels by the time a person enters middle age. this decline in levels of HGH to suboptimal levels is thought by most in the medical community to contribute significantly to aging-associated changes in the body, including weight gain, loss of muscle mass, and decreases in sexual, immune, and cognitive function. More recently, studies have shown that restoration of HGH in the blood to optimal therapeutic concentrations can reverse many of these effects.

Sytropin HGH was developed by leading teams of medical biochemists, endocrinologists, and experts on aging and exercise physiology especially to harness the beneficial effects of HGH and bring them to the consumer market. Painstakingly researched and created in collaboration with clinical pharmacologists and biochemists, Sytropin HGH is an all natural blend designed to coax the body into naturally secreting more HGH. It is formulated as a safe and easy to use oral spray, designed to be used under the tongue. In clinical trials, users of Sytropin experienced statistically significant decreases in body weight and body fat percentage, and increased exercise ability, as measured by resistance training and treadmill tests. In addition, users also reported subjective feelings of well-being and enhanced cognitive function. Moreover, Sytropin is extremely safe, with no risk of negative side effects.

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Sytropin HGH stands out from many other supplements in that it is available over the counter, yet has undergone rigorous double blind clinical trials. Its creators are so confident of its benefits that users are encouraged to see for themselves what benefits it can bring. A Sytropin Free Trial is available for twenty days of therapy, with a modest fee for shipping and handling. These three weeks of Sytropin will allow users to experience its dramatic effects in building lean muscle mass and shedding fat tissue for themselves.

Your no-risk Sytropin Free Trial

Your Sytropin Free Trial comes as a bottle of oral spray. Within days of use, you can expect to reap the benefits, including reduced recovery time, increased endurance and stamina, better mental function and a sense of well being, as well as a boost in immune function. Even within the short trial period, users can expect to notice significant lean muscle mass gains, and a reduction in body fat percentage, as well as corresponding increases in protein synthesis and exercise output.

There have been a lot of claims recently of a so called "Sytropin Scam. If you are still worried about this, or want to see more reviews of other HGH products, we strongly suggest you check out HGH Review before buying.

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